Custom Branding

Tag Removal and Printing

Want to brand your shirts to make them look unique? We can easily help you with that by removing the manufacturer’s sewn in tags and replacing it with a printed 1-color design on the inside of the shirt. Please note that some brands work better with Tag Removal than others. However, there are also many manufactures who don’t use tear-away labels on their garments and instead have tags that are sewn into the seam, which can be an issue for de-tagging. Sewn in tags must be cut out of the garments and they always leave a little bit of the tag left in the seam. We always recommend using garments with tear-away labels for custom printed tags.

Custom printed tags on brands with tear-away labels

Brands that use tear-away labels

bella + canvas custom printed products.
independent custom printed products.
next level custom printed products.

Things to be aware of

When printing on white or light colored shirts there is a risk of the custom printed tag being seen through the back of the shirt. In this situation we recommend going with a light grey ink to help prevent this and produce the best overall product.

When choosing a brand keep in mind that some brands are better than others when de-tagging. Certain brands offer tear-away labels producing a clean, original look after the custom tag printing is complete while other brands have sewn in labels that can only be cut, leaving the sewn-in section attached after printing the custom tag.

By law included in the Federal Wool & Trade Act, all printed tags are required to list the products country of origin and it’s type of fabric. With this in mind, we recommend printing on one style or similar style of product from the same country with the same material otherwise it will be necessary to have additional tag designs for the different product.

Difference between using garments with tear-away labels vs sewn in labels for custom printed tags

Tear-Away Label

Order shirts with tear away labels to print custom labeled t-shirts.

Sewn-In Label

Remove sewn in labels to add screenprinted t-shirt labels for your brand.