Custom Embroidery

Custom Embroidery

Does your company need professional custom embroidery? We offer thousands of embroidery options.

Make Your Merchandise Stand Out

Not only do we provide custom screen printing to the greater Syracuse area, we also offer premium custom embroidery services for all your apparel needs. If your business, school, organization, or event needs professional looking attire, at Syracuse Screen Printing we have the experience and equipment to make your merchandise stand out.

Embroidery is the art of decorating textile with needle and yarn/thread. We provide embroidery services to embellish and add professionalism to your merchandise. Top of the line machines with a wide variety of thread options from standard to polyester—in just about any color you could imagine—will set your merchandise apart from the rest. We also offer specialty options including; 3D puff foam, twill appliqué, and rhinestone designs. Embroidery decoration can be sewn on just about any item made out of fabric including; hats, coats, uniforms, shirts, blankets, socks, gym bags, etc.

We have the latest digitizing software to create polished images, logos and texts. Digitizing software converts the art into a file the embroidery machine uses to interpret the sequence of stitches. One of our experienced embroidery personnel will oversee the process to determine the proper stitch type and variations to reproduce your design as clear and detailed as possible. We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions about the custom embroidery options we offer or if you would like to request a quote.

custom embroidery
embroidered hat syracuse ny
custom hats syracuse ny
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embroidered custom shirts

If you would like to see more embroidered samples like these, take a moment and check out our custom embroidery designs or follow us on our  Facebook and Instagram as we are constantly showcasing our most recent jobs.