Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll likely find the answer to your question here, but you can also Contact Us at anytime and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

  • Strictly speaking, we can print six different ink colors at a time. However, we use several techniques to increase the number of perceived colors in a print. Halftone and Simulated Process printing allows us to produce full color prints similar to photos.

  • We supply the garments.

  • We can supply just about any garments. We carry all of the major wholesale brands, offering a wide variety of blank garments. Explore the options in our Product Collection to see our most popular offerings.

  • That depends on the type of fabric they are made of. Garments that are 100% polyester are just about the only garments that will not shrink. Every cotton garment, even “pre-shrunk” cotton garments are going to shrink a little when washed and dried. Garments that are made of a polyester and cotton blend (typically 50/50) should have very little shrinkage, though most anything will shrink if dried on a hot temperature – especially cotton. One way you can avoid shrinkage is to wash with cold water and dry on low/cool or hang dry (your best option).

  • Yes! You can choose all sorts of different colors and sizes with your order as long as the design being printed is the same.

  • To place an order simply Contact Us and a representative will guide you through the order process.
    For more information see Order Process.

  • Yes! You can choose multiple garment styles with your order as long as the design being printed is the same.

  • Yes! If you have one design, but want it printed in multiple ink colors, that is not a problem as long as each ink color is printed on at least six items.

  • Yes you can, but pricing is based on the total number of items per design so it would have to be priced as two separate 50 piece orders.

  • Yes of course! Artwork/mockup approval is a standard part of our order procedure. Once you place your order we will put together a digital proof or mockup showing the artwork and it’s placement on an item template. We do not move forward with the production process until you have approved the digital proof.

  • We can have a blank sample sent right to your door so you can make sure it fits and feels the way you want it to. There is no charge as long as you place an order with us. If you want a printed sample that is not a problem but we will have to charge you a $75 sample fee.